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The V-Bags Europe Charter ('V-Bags Europe') is an affirmation, by the plastic carrier bags value chain, that responsible consumption of plastic carrier bags is being pursued in order to ensure sustainability and environmental protection. The plastic carrier bag value chain consists of the following stakeholders: raw materials suppliers, plastics converters, compounders, retailers, waste collectors, recyclers and waste management authorities.
This charter is based on the premise that consumption of plastic carrier bags in Europe must always involve responsibility in consumption, use and disposal in order to prevent any land and/or marine littering.

V- Bags Europe is founded on the basic principles of reduction, reuse and recycling and the signatories to this charter affirm their commitment and endorsement of the basic principles below.

1. Responsible consumption:

  • Advocating the use of more reusable plastic bags over short-life carrier bags.
  • Large food retailers should no longer hand out bags free of charge (added value = increased responsibility).

2. Increased use of recyclate and more renewable material in the production of plastic carrier bags:

  • Using more recyclates* and more renewable materials** increases the resource efficiency of plastic carrier bags.

More renewable materials and more recycled materials may be defined as:
  • Bio-based materials with a minimum renewable source content of 40%
  • Recyclate materials made of a minimum of 60% post consumer waste according to EN 15343 and applying the EuCertPlast certification (

* Which can be certified by EuCertPlast (
** Renewable materials must be proven to be more environmentally friendly.

3. Increased recycling and collection of plastic carrier bags which are consumed:

  • V-Bags Europe will develop, together with local partners, communication & awareness about collection & recycling of all carrier bags, particularly in countries where bags are still given free of charge.
  • Proper enforcement of existing packaging waste legislation in all EU27 Member States will assist in further development of existing collection, recycling and recovery schemes aiming at contributing towards zero landfill by 2020.

Plastic carrier bags and littering

Litter, of all forms, is a problem of different scale and proportions across EU Member States and so it must be remembered that littering of plastic carrier bags does not constitute a problem in many Member States. In fact, countries such as France, Germany and the U.K. have demonstrated how tremendous progress can be made in eradicating any littering of plastic carrier bags through voluntary action . In those countries that do have a problem with litter, plastic carrier bags account only for a very small proportion of all litter.

Member States such as France and Germany have demonstrated how to limit the quantity of plastic carrier bags being put on the market and to ensure quantities reflect only the required number necessary to serve the intended purpose i.e. responsible usage. Innovative solutions, such as increased use of reusable bags, have proven to be successful. This has been achieved with the help of retailers in the form of a voluntary approach which the national governments have endorsed.

The ā€˜Vā€™ in V-Bags Europe stands for VOLUNTARY and we believe the plastic carrier bags value chain can work together to address sustainability and environmental questions surrounding the consumption and use of plastic carrier bags in certain EU Member States.

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